Slave in Vegas Chapter 10




This is the point-of-view of Mistress Alya for Day 3.  It is recommended for the reader to read this chapter in its entirety after reading all or parts of the previous chapters.


I awoke at 11:40 and noticed that the two guys were sleeping on either side of me.  I had slept very well and had lots of sexy erotic dreams.  I slowly got out of bed and went to turn on the camera near the bed.  I also started the one in the washroom before I returned with two more condoms.  I decided I was going to wake these guys by making their dreams come true.


I started with Charlie, crawling gently up on the bed, straddling his legs and taking his cock in my hands.  As he slept, I massaged and played gently with his cock, soft enough not to wake him, but enough to get him hard.  I took one of the condoms out of the package and placing it in my mouth, started to plunge it down his hard cock.  This woke him.  "Shhh" I whispered and went back to pushing the condom down on his cock with my mouth.  I used my fingers too, as he hardened up a lot now that he was awake.  I started to suck on his cock and move my head up and down on it.  He held my head in his hands as I continued sucking on his cock in the condom.  Once I knew he was hard and covered in the condom, I pulled my lips from it and said "Keep yourself hard while I do the same to Dave!"


I moved slowly and gently over to Dave, straddling his legs and bending forward.  Charlie also gently got up as I started to play with Dave's cock in a gentle manner, keeping him asleep but arousing his cock.  I felt Charlie behind me and he began to slide his cock along my pussy.  I was already hot and excited and his cock slid into my hot pussy.  He gently thrust into me as I now had Dave's cock hard and was beginning to push the condom down his cock with my lips.




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To be continued...

The Slave in Vegas story will continue with more chapters in the future.  Let Mistress Alya know your ideas, or write your own chapter and send it to her.



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