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Fantasy Stories by Russian Fetish Queen fans

A compilation of fantasies inspired by my photos and videos from my fans is presented on this page. Maybe you can read yours here someday. So come on - get writing. And send me your stories to my email (see contact page). Can you write something that not only excites my fans, but also me? That would be one way to ensure that I would recreate the fantasy in photos and videos for you. I reserve the right to edit the stories to make them clear. However, the theme of the story will remain.

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Object Lesson


My Mistress






The Dream


Dominatrix Fantasies


Demanding, Sadistic and Cruel


A Royal Assignment


Catsuit Cleaning


Glove Worshipping


The Shameful Slave


The Ultimate Test


The Furious Mistress


A Fetish Fantasy


Nylon Fetish Goddess



Copyright © 2013 by Kirk Griffith


kiss Her russian fetish boots

and thank your lucky stars

that you have been granted

entry to Her royal kinkdom


accept all her whims

like the loyal subject

that you have so often

proclaimed yourself to be



the complexity

of Her treasures



the depravity

of Her pleasures


never forget that the one thing

She will never abide is a man

who is unable back up all his

flirtatious words with equally

nobly bold debauchery deeds


She has no time for covert cold-war-esque secrets and subterfuge


Her battle plan calls for a full frontal assault upon your Wall of Will


no leniency is ever granted

so you had best suck it up

and take it like a true fan




it was you who begged

to worship at the feet

of earthly divinity


and remember

to pack your lunch


Czarina Likes To Play For Days


And For Days Without End...


Used with permission of the author. Thank you!


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Object Lesson

© 2013 by Kirk Griffith


she lay splayed as a feast before a King

roped and ready to be consumed as a Thing


his hand trekking across her exposed vibratory flesh

comes to rest awhile on the breast nearest her heart


no matter how hard he tries

he cannot shake the soulfulness

of her softly beautiful vulnerability


his silent philosophical personhood debate

is suspended to make way for her sensuality



he will

take her

where she

wants to go

and lovingly

deeply further


he perceives all sides of her unique need desire

as she reeling teeters on the brink of annihilation


the moon does not Bleed

a stone sheds no Tears


Used with permission of the author. Thank you!


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My Mistress

By Slave B


How to describe the undescribable? How to try something that is actually impossible?... Because you can get credit for trying?... Credit for trying is not given by the person I write this for! And if I try... Where to start?... At the beginning?... Well, that is what people say...

So… Let’s do so...

I still remember it as if it was yesterday... The first time I laid eyes upon her... Can you imagine it? A woman so beautiful it strikes and stuns you... And eyes that, when they look at you, make you melt as snow does under the sun...

A woman so powerful that you throw yourself at her feet without any hesitation. To look up at her, so you can follow the most beautiful long legs you have ever seen... And when she turns around, you can lay your eyes upon her tight and curvaceous ass.

A woman with an upper body as a true dream... A body that already teases your mind by only looking at it. A body that has it all... A flat stomach, sculpted back and pert breasts...

A woman with slender arms and the softest hands... Hands that can do the most wonderful things... With just the right amount of touches...

A woman with the most attractive face ever... With eyes that penetrate you or can break your will in an instant... And a mouth with the most luscious lips...

Which brings me to her voice... She is a woman with a voice that enchants and mesmerizes you... With her voice, she will make you do anything for her... But above all, a voice that will control and guide you...

She is a woman who is strict, cruel, demanding and sadistic... But she is also, sweet, kind, caring and rewarding...

The first time I laid eyes upon her, I instantly knew that there was no way back... This woman caught me in her web... She took me under her wings, to never let me go...

She controls me... She guides me... She protects me... She owns me... Forever and always...

And I?... I serve her! Why? Well, because the woman I am writing this for... Is my Mistress!

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By my Office Dreamer


Part 1

...so, it was already a challenging morning...the early train was late and crowded, and I was tired of jostling with the masses. And my mind was busy working out the details of this morning's critical meeting with what might be the biggest client of my career. I was late and preoccupied and edgy, and had no time to stop and smell the roses. So when I saw the street lady struggling with her bags and with a shoe caught in the slats of a storm drain, I almost passed her by and ignored her plea for help. But being the old Boy Scout, I was compelled to break out of my internal reverie and turn back to assist her. It certainly wasn't for the looks, as she was bundled head to toe in a long black coat, scarf, and musty stocking cap, with only a small opening to show a glimpse of her light green eyes. But regardless of looks or station in life, she seemed genuinely appreciative when I was able to unwedge her heel from the drain and collect her dropped packages. But I didn't wait for thanks or accolades and rushed off to continue my quest for the next big deal.

I flew into the building elevator, rushed to the 11th floor, and started barking orders as soon as passed the receptionist's desk....My potential client was due to arrive soon, and I had no idea what to expect of her background, demands, history, or desires for our services. But I was well prepared with practiced speeches to engage for any demand, and felt confident in my ability to exude charm, calmness, and a smooth demeanor in the face of any client, any demands, and any situation. When the receptionist buzzed with the client's arrival, I straightened my jacket and tightened my tie, and strode to the conference room to attack the day and regale whoever the client may be.

So you can imagine my surprise when I entered the room, only to see the back of a tall female wrapped in a long black coat that seemed awfully familiar. And I continued to watch with aprehension as the coat was loosed, the scarf unwrapped, and stocking hat discarded, only to reveal one of the most stunning blonde Russian women I had ever laid eyes on. My cool demeanor took a sudden vacation, and my jaw dropped as she turned around to introduce herself, wearing a long slim black leather pencil skirt, a very low-cut yet classy white satin blouse, and a pair of tall black dress heels with a one a bit lower than the other... She began to apologize for being a bit late, as she was delayed by a rabid storm drain that attacked her heel, and was only able to recover due to the kindness of a mystery Good Samaritan...and suddenly stopped in mid-sentence, as we both realized we had already met. As we both began to stutter and stammer, she introduced herself as Alya, but instead of answering or starting my smooth sales speeches, I could only stare at her vision.... gorgeous eyes, bright red lips that were screaming to be kissed, beautiful long blonde hair that she flung to one side with ease, and a perfectly curvy body that began causing a problem for my body parts that I hoped would not become too obvious. Her voice was silky smooth and suggestive, though I was beyond listening closely to the actual words while I stared shamelessly at her beauty and outfit. I had no idea how this business meeting might turn out, but I was extremely anxious to learn more about the beautiful woman who stood before me this minute and was sending her charm and fragrance in my direction....


Part 2

As the stunning Alya began to list the various business wishes she felt our firm might help her with, I realized that, though I had paper and pencil in hand, I had yet to write a thing in my ledger. I'm sure my mouth was agape and I prayed I wasn't drooling or staring too much for her comfort. But while she spoke, I was only able to focus on a variety of her features... Her eyes seemed to glimmer in the boardroom lighting, and her dark red lipstick actually glistened each time she paused to wet them. The only time my eyes broke away was when she absently flicked her tongue across her bottom red lip, and I felt that looking any longer would surely cause a commotion in my dress slacks. I pleaded with my brain to focus on the business matters at hand and act as the consumate professional, yet when I looked up at her again, she ruined my concentration yet again with a simple brush of her beautiful long blonde hair with her delicate and sensuous hand.

I realized now that I had dropped my pencil beneath the table some time ago, and bent to retrieve it to at least resemble an executive that was in control. But when I rolled back the conference room chair and ducked beneath the table, my pencil had come to rest between two of the most shapely and well-toned legs I have ever seen, and they were coated with silky sheer nylons that begged to be touched and stroked. To make matters worse, her tight leather skirt had ridden up on her thighs against the leather chair, and the dark band at the top of the nylons suggested that there was no need for panties... It was only when her chair swiveled that I realized my search had taken an uncommonly long time, and I reared back quickly in an attempt to recover, only to bang my head sorely on the underside of the oak table sufficient to completely knock me silly and drop me to the carpet. I had no idea how long I had been out, but when I regained my senses, I was flat on my back in the deep shag carpet and poised right over me was the most beautiful vision of a woman I had ever seen. Alya's concern and passion were written all over her face, and she caressed my forehead to examine the obvious lump that had quickly appeared. I had trouble breathing, not from the knock, but from the closeness that this goddess was to me... I could smell her perfume and see deep into the green waters of her eyes, and I was helpless to move or think or speak. As she pressed into me in her innocent nursing manner, I thought I might explode like never before, and I prayed that this moment with a beauty like this under a conference room table might last forever. As she leaned to loosen my tie and undo the top button of my dress shirt to help me breathe, I couldn't miss her shiny white satin blouse opening to show the most delightful breasts ever created, and when I realized the absence of a bra of any kind, I swear I could hear the satiny silk slide silently over her taut nipples.

With her soft hand on my chest and her leather skirt straddled over my torso, I was helpless to control any part of my body and I began to grow and harden in a place that would surely be noticed soon, and I began to stammer and stutter that I was fine and healthy and tried to rise up to prove my point. Yet the beautiful and caring Alya pushed me gently back to the carpet and told me to lie still until things were calmer, saying that no business matter was as important as my well-being, and besides, she felt strongly that she'd care to repay the kindness of earlier that morning to a person I'd never met - a gesture that she evidently took to heart. While I appreciated her generosity and kindness, I was acutely aware that if I didn't find a way to get further away from this magnetic and stunning woman, that none of my old Boy Scout characteristics would survive, and I'd surely quickly make an ass of myself in front of this goddess....


Part 3

Though my stunning potential client seemed to have complete control and a professional calmness, I, on the other hand, appeared completely disheveled in appearance and wildly confused of mind. As Alya helped lift me from the carpet and guided me into one of the conference room chairs, my eyes and imagination kept leaping to a dozen different parts of her... her soft silk blouse, the strand of light pink pearls swinging loosely around her neck, the red lips slightly parted, and the eyes that were both sensual and magnetic at the same time. They seemed to penetrate me to my very soul! Even the sounds she made were enough to drive me crazy... the slide of the silk blouse as it caressed her skin, the rustle of her skirt, and the soft, sensuous scream of her silk nylons rubbing together... so many mind-numbing sensations cascading around the room and all over my senses that I must have appeared thunderstruck. But of all the attractions, it was her special fragrance and the exotic sound of her voice that edged me into a complete and utter stupor, which I knew I could not cleverly nor quickly recover from.

As I caught my reflection in the conference room mirror, I found proof positive of my sad state of affairs... my suit coat rumpled with flecks of shag carpet in abundance, a necktie at half-mast hanging off to one side, and a welt on my forehead quickly gaining size and color. And even had I looked the part of a professional executive, my brain was even more jumbled and my speech was borderline incoherent. And all because of the level of beauty and charm possessed by this one individual woman - a woman I hadn't given a thought to this morning on the hurried commute, but was now scrambling my very being in the closeness of the room. Apparently, there was only one part of me that was still working as designed, one that was going to embarrass me quickly if I was forced to stand away from the table.

The generous Alya seemed to note my discomfort and jumbled demeanor, and she began to explain away the awkwardness of the past few moments with a few quick laughs and a beautiful smile, and I began to relax and think I might survive this disastrous first meeting after all. After a few quiet moments, she suggested that this had been quite an unusual day all around so far, and perhaps it might be best if we started our business meeting fresh on a new day to help us get off on a better foot. I was so grateful for her suggestion, that I quickly agreed, and we compared day-timer schedules for the next opportunity. As she slowly donned her long black coat and hat and scarf, I began to regain my composure now that the leather and satin and curves and glowing blonde hair were covered. I stood to shake her delicate hand and told her I'd very much look forward to our next meeting, and almost made it without losing control....until she turned in the doorway and said "But I must repay your kindness of this morning with a drink of your choice. I insist that we meet this evening at my hotel lounge in order for me to offer my thanks, before we can continue any kind of business relationship." Though I couldn't think of anything in the world I'd rather do, my senses chose this opportunity to completely leave me, and I stuttered some form of school-boy acceptance of her kind offer. And I knew in my heart of hearts, that having extra time to prepare to meet this goddess again would be of no benefit, except to give me extra time to work myself into an emotional lather....


Part 4

The rest of the day was a blur of nerves and inactivity...at least for me. As I mumbled and bumbled through the remainder of the day's business chores, the office staff looked at me like I had completely lost my wits, and for the most part, they were exactly correct. Though I did my best to focus on other clients and other meetings, my mind continued to flicker back to the mental movie that had played out earlier in the day.... a chance meeting in the street with an unknown lady, a surprising new client that took away my breath and speech, and a kind invitation from the same beauty to share a drink and perhaps become better acquainted. And my mind's movie played out a thousand different sequels as to how the rest of the evening might develop...

With a myriad of excuses to my secretary, I rushed from the office early to allow me time to properly prepare for my drink meeting with a gorgeous lady, and I certainly didn't want to be late for an event that was quickly becoming the highlight of my week. I decided to forgo the formal business attire of the office, and changed into a casual open-necked shirt and favorite sport coat, and did my best to mask the lumpy bruise on my forehead that was by now coloring nicely. Finally giving up my attempts to hide the evidence of my clumsy war with the conference room table, I rushed outside to the cross-town train station to begin the night of my dreams. As I waited at the station pacing and worrying, I managed to catch the heel of one of my loafers in one of the same God-forsaken storm drains that had started this strange series of events in the first place, and I could only think that this was just one more piece of evidence that this chance meeting was either meant to be, or just one more way for me to completely ruin an otherwise wonderful opportunity. And when I kicked at the grate and finally shook my heel free, my shoe took on a mind of it's own and flew spinning over the turnstile and down onto the tracks! And to worsen an already rotten turn of events, Mother Nature chose that exact moment in time to unleash a torrid downpour that drenched me to the core. I tried my best to dry off and shake down the rain during the short train ride, but realized that I was about to meet the lady of my dreams in a soaked jacket and only one shoe...

As I approached the hotel, I almost turned around several times to avoid meeting this one-of-a-kind beauty in my current state, but my heart and silly male mind wouldn't let me... Even if I just peeked in the hotel lounge to gaze at the woman of my dreams from afar, at least the night would not be wasted. So I slowly inched towards the hotel lounge, receiving concerned looks and stares from the hotel staff... What was this sodden, shoeless, bruised odd man doing in our luxurious and acclaimed hotel? Though the lighting was dim, I searched the room for a quick look at my proposed date, and finally spied her sitting alone at the end of the bar, and once again, my brain stopped sending coherent signals and my motor skills followed suit... The stunning Alya was perched seductively on a high bar stool, wearing a long black vinyl raincoat that was partially open to reveal her choice of outfits for the evening... I suddenly realized that not only was I wet and dripping and completely forlorn looking, but I was also wildly underdressed to match this blonde vision of a woman. Her hair was perfect, and her necklace was shining even in the scant light, and draped over her wonderful body was a sensuous wine-red silk sheath dress that was clinging to all the right places. I was frozen to the spot of my hiding place, and was just ready to break for the exit, when she turned her head, caught my eye, and smiled the most beautiful smile I had ever seen. When she stood to wave across the lounge, the sounds of her vinyl coat sliding over the silky thin little dress was music to my ears, and my entire body began to tremble at her vision. Seeing my hesitation, she walked slowly over to my corner, stealing eyes from all around the room, and took a long curious look at my appearance.... I couldn't imagine what she must think, and why in the world she would want to continue the evening with this sore excuse for a man...

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By my Gaelic Court Poet


We pull for our Queen, our precum inducer,

we pull and we lick and we rub.

We wank for our Queen - Cock magnet-seducer,

We bow down to our Queen and one Love,

We tug on our heads, we're made so much juicier,

As you spread out your legs and you tease,

We let go and moan, and shoot off our loads,

All hail to our Queen on our knees.

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The Dream

By Slave B


Hello my dear Russian Fetish Queen Alya.

I really need to share my latest experience with you!

Yesterday evening I came home at 23:00. Exhausted from a hard day's work, I needed some time to relax. I got a glass of wine and started to surf the world wide web. After checking some sports, I had the need for something exciting. You know where I went - to your website! I checked your new updates, surprised to see you already had a new photoshoot in my outfit suggestion! My Queen, you really know how to make me hot for you! You look so stunning and beautiful! And hot, so extremely hot! After that, I had to take a shower, still having your looks running through my mind and my fantasies going wild. After that, to bed.

And actually now my real confession to you starts: I had a very intensive dream and I would like to share it with you. I want to be totally honest with you!

You were in front of me in the catsuit outfit, but you were very strict and ordered me to take off my clothes and to wait on my knees. You came back to leash me and you ordered me to lick your boots. You were not pleased and you were way more strict than I could imagine. You said I deserved punishment as I was a hard learning servant. You chained me up and started to scratch me with your nails, but that was not all! You even used clamps on me and you started to whip and spank me. And when my will was broken you started to tease me with your leather gloves until I begged for mercy...That was it then I woke up, totally shaking...

So long story short, you drive me crazy!!!

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Dominatrix Fantasies

By Slave B


I had such an erotic fantasy about you, my Russian Queen. I have been a very, very, disobedient slave! Because, I have broken one of the most important rules you have. I was not to touch myself. Even worse, I have stroked myself and exploded without your permission! And of course I was stupid enough to think you would not notice...Therefore you summon me in your torture room to be punished. You are wearing a leather dominatrix outfit. I will have to suffer a hard lesson of instructions and obedience, which ends with a severe whipping. After that you order me to stroke myself...and I am forced to watch you tease yourself and you order me to stroke faster and faster. But my hardest punishment still has to take place...You see that I am almost ready to explode, but you order me to stop immediately! Then, while laughing very evily, you lock me up in a cage, where I have to remain for a long time! Where I have to learn not to touch myself and explode without permission!!!

Then, the next night, I had another hot, erotic fantasy about you, my Russian Queen. I have been a very good slave and you decide to reward me for that. I am invited in your private room. You are wearing a hot leather dominatrix outfit again. You order me to undress myself and to sit on my knees in front of you. I am allowed to see you pleasure yourself, but I am not allowed to touch myself or you! You are testing my endurance with some severe leather teasing...After a while, I am allowed to touch and worship your boots. You even order me to stroke myself. Fast and slow, slow and fast, but time and time again you deny me to have an ultimate climax. You are training me and testing my endurance to the limit. You make me beg and beg to have my release! When I can not hold it any longer, you give me my reward, you command me to explode all over your boots...But still you are the strict and evil Mistress, as this reward has a price! I will have to lick your boots clean, until every drop is gone!!!

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Demanding, Sadistic and Cruel

By Slave B


I was a bad boy in my cage, so bad that my Mistress chained and blindfolded me. During the rest of the night my Mistress made her plans and the next morning she returned

My Mistress took me out of the cage and leashed me. My blindfold is taken off and once my eyes become used to the light, I see my Mistress wearing her latex catsuit again...complete with boots, corset and leather gloves. My Mistress is too good to her slaves, wearing exactly what they like to see her in.

My Mistress takes me by the leash and leads me to her bedroom. She orders me to lay down on the bed, face up. She ties my hands and feet, making me helpless and unable to move, powerless before my Mistress.

My Mistress sits down on my chest, with her beautiful ass towards my face. She orders me to lick her latex clad ass. However, I am not doing it properly, so she starts to be sadistic with me. She ties my balls and cock so tight that they turn blue and purple in no time. I must continue to lick her ass, but still she is not pleased. Now I must be punishment to learn a lesson. My Mistress takes her riding crop out and she starts whipping and slapping my already blue cock. She will only stop when I lick her ass properly. Lucky for me, I am a fast learner with such kinds of motivation. It only takes a few extra whips to teach me to correctly lick her latex clad ass. My Mistress removes the ball and cock bondage from my body and she gives me a little kiss as a reward...

But this is not the end. My Mistress starts to caress my balls and she grabs and strokes my cock with her leather gloves. I am trying to resist to cum without her permission...but she starts to laugh. Not this time, no...I will not be able top resist cumming. Oh no, my Mistress is going to force an orgasm, I have no choice...My Mistress squeezes my cock in her leather clad hand as she massages is hard and strokes it fast. Not much later, she gets me too excited and I am unable to hold back...I shoot a huge load of cum all over myself. My Mistress is pleased with this artwork of male filth on my body that she extracted. She decides to leave me tied on the bed for a while, where it takes some time for her painting of male filth to dry on my body. Soon this painting will start to itch as it tightens up on my skin...and I will not be able to scratch. Now I will have to learn to endure that for a while...

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A Royal Assignment

By Slave B


Dreaming of her, that is all I can do at this moment...She is so beautiful...her long blonde hair, her sparkling but penetrating hazel eyes, her beautiful feet, not to mention her sexy legs and certainly not to forget her superb body with beautiful and sexy breasts.

She is demanding, very demanding indeed. She is strict, cruel and loves to test your limits. Or even sees if you can exceeds the boundries of those limits. And sometimes, just sometimes, she is sweet and kind. She has just the perfect amount of goodness to give you that rewarding feeling.

And so, it shall not be any different this time...The door opens and she steps inside the dark and wet dungeon, where she locked me up yesterday evening. My Mistress asks if I have learned my lesson. Yes, the woman I was dreaming about is my most beautiful, strict and cruel Mistress. I answer with a “Yes Mistress, I have learned my lesson, Mistress.” She tells me, that now, it would be a good time to show that... Better not mess it up again, if I want to return to my warm and dry cage.

Instead of being leashed, I now have to wear a leather mask. I am not able to see, but I can speak. My Mistress will allow me a little bit of freedom, but she will take away my vision as a price for that freedom. She guides me out of the dungeon to another room. I can only guess as to what my Mistress is wearing today. But I can hear the sound of spurs...

She orders me to lay down on my back and I have to lick one of her boots. I want to reach out with my hands but that is not allowed. Instead, I will have to raise my head to lick her boots. Meanwhile she is tormenting my chest with her other boot. Her heel and spurs are causing an electrifying pain all over my chest. Then she wants me to suck the tip of her boot and I better not mess it up... She puts the tip deep in my mouth, and I start to choke as I can hardly breathe. The other boot is not tormenting my chest anymore. Where did it go to... Suddenly I feel the same pain in my genitals that my chest earlier felt. The Mistress is now tormenting my cock and balls with her sharp spurs. For a moment I loose grip, but my Mistress reminds me to keep doing my job...

After a while the pain receeds and I am able to breathe properly again. It is time for my second task and it will be even harder than the previous one. My Mistress orders me to kneel in front of her, and I can hear her grabbing some materials. Within seconds a sharp pain hits my nipples, cock and balls. My Mistress tells me that those clamps will stay there until I have fullfilled my second task...I will have to lick her pussy and make her climax... What is this? Am I actually going to be allowed to lick the fruit of passion of my Mistress?

She guides me to her hot spot and I start to lick, but what is this, my tongue feels leather...My Mistress laughs, says I was so stupid to think I could really lick her pussy. I will have to make her climax by licking her pussy through her leather panties...I start my task and after a while my Mistress starts to moan softly. I hear her grab something else. She keeps on moaning now, but with every moan she decides to whip my back. She orders me to keep focused on her pussy...Very focused or the whip will take over...To survive this “Royal Assignment”, I will have to concentrate very hard...I can not fail this time or my fate is sealed...My Mistress is moaning faster and harder now, my back is red hot from the whipping, but I have to continue. I feel my Mistress is close to climaxing and not much later I reach my goal. She lets all her sweet juices flow, but before I could get a taste of her royal honey, my Mistress kicks me aside with her boots...

I am not allowed the taste her royal honey, but I have fulfilled my task. She notices that I am rock hard from her moaning and climax. Then my Mistress sees little drops of pre-cum on my cock, and so she decides I will have to pay for getting so excited. She uses her whip to remove the clamps, causing my erection to fade as snow does under the Sun. The pain is so extreme that I scream like a little piggy.

Now it is time to get back to my cage. Yes, I am allowed to go back to my cage...My Mistress will guide me again, but I have to get on my hands and knees and she takes her place on my back. My Mistress will ride me back to the cage. With every move she hits me with her riding crop and I feel her spurs tormenting my legs. One fortunate thing is that more and more of her pussy juices are starting to stick on my back.

When I am back at my cage, my Mistress guides me in and removes the leather mask. She closes the door and bends over. She looks me in the eyes and is pleased as she sees my complete devotion and obedience to her. She also sees that I am awaiting my reward...She asks if I miss my reward. “Yes Mistress, I miss a reward, Mistress” is my answer. “Well”, she says, “I think I left something on your back!”...And then she walks away...

And so, it is not any different than any other time...Hard and erect waiting for my Mistress!

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Catsuit Cleaning

By Slave B


My Mistress is standing in front of her wardrobe and she sees that her latex catsuit is looking dirty and pale. It needs to be cleaned immediately! But, my Mistress does not do it herself and use expensive cleaning materials? It is much better to use a cheap slave tongue for it. After all, she has many slaves for this purpose.

My Mistress even has a better idea! She is going to wear the catsuit while her slave licks every inch of it clean and shiny...That would be the best of both worlds for my Mistress! Getting hot and excited by a slave tongue and getting a clean catsuit at the same time! Now, my Mistress only needs to find her victim!

Before I know it, I am out of my cage and leashed...taken to a private room and made to kneel in front of my latex clad Mistress. Then comes a slap of the crop and the command to lick every inch of her catsuit. First the legs and arms, of course saving the best parts for last...

After every part, my Mistress slaps my cock five times and I have to lick the same part once more to make it shine. After a while, I reach the most beautiful curvaceous ass of my Mistress and licking it gets her super excited! My Mistress starts to rub her pussy, making herself even more excited, hotter and wetter. Her moans are hot and horny, but I have to keep focused on my job. When I am done licking her ass, my Mistress slaps my cock ten times. However, I do not have to lick her ass again. My Mistress is so hot now, that I have to start licking her latex clad pussy straight away. I lick as if my life depends on it...this is absolutely no moment to lose my concentration and fail my Mistress! My tongue is getting sore of all this work but I can not stop now, not now! If I do, severe punishment will be my verdict...so I keep on licking, the best I can...pleasing my Mistress as her little latex clad pussy licker.

I never have seen my Mistress so hot and excited before. Within moments she has a huge climax, moaning loudly...and I am so proud to see that my Mistress is having so much pleasure. It also made me rock hard and super excited! My Mistress notices this and is very pleased to see that I was able to control my own excitement and that I did not cum without her permission Therefore I deserve a reward! I am allowed to stroke my cock right in front of her, while being teased by her body in hot latex attire.

My Mistress sees that I am getting hotter and my cock harder with every stroke, so she moves very close towards me...her pussy and belly very close to my cock. My cock is almost about to explode with her hot latex clad pussy teasing me so closely. I start to moan louder and my Mistress notices that I can not hold back any longer...She commands me to cum right now, without any countdown...I have to give her all my hot cum...right now!

Huge spurts of my hot slave cum are sprayed all over her latex catsuit. There seems to be no end to the fountain of cum spraying onto my Mistress...and still shaking from my orgasm, my Mistress gently caresses my chest. My Mistress comforts me in my post-cum trance...but suddenly she grabs my hair and smudges my face in my own slave filth!

Now, this dirty cum slut has to lick the whole catsuit clean inch by inch again!!!

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Glove Worshipping

By Slave B


My Mistress is very cruel, strict, sadistic and above all very demanding. But sometimes, there are days where she makes serving her quite easy. This is just such a day. But always remember...even on easy days there is no room for failure!

My Mistress stands in front of my cage and she orders me to get out. When I look up I can see all her beauty. She is without a doubt the most beautiful Mistress a slave can wish for. She tells me that she has a special task for me and I have to follow her on a short leash.

Following her, watching her walk in front of me, we soon arrive in her private room. I have to wait on my knees. My Mistress leaves me for a short moment and then returns with something in her hand. She tells me that these are her new gloves. Today, I will have to worship them.

My Mistress sits down in front of me. She slowly puts on her gloves, very close to me and it is already making me very excited! She notices that I am getting a hard cock, but she is not pleased. My tiny little cock will need to get bigger and harder to earn a reward...if not she will start another treatment on me...that will be slapping my cock with the riding crop until my cock turns purple!

My Mistress always knows how to motivate me and after a while my cock is in its most erect state. She gently slaps it with her gloved hands, but not for too long. First, I have something else to do...I will have to worship the gloves first...So I am ordered to smell all that leather gloved hotness. My nose goes up and down the arms of my most beautiful Mistress...and of course smelling is not enough...licking is a better idea. I lick up and down, time and time again...until my tongue is sore. My Mistress is very pleased this time, but she reminds me of my last failure. She always notices when a slave cock gets too much excitement...If I cum too early this time, I will be locked up in a dark cage for four weeks without any human contact!

I focus on my new task. My Mistress wants to know if I have some sucking skills...so first I need to suck one gloved finger but soon another finger and even a third finger are added. My Mistress fills my mouth with her gloved fingers, moving them in and out of my mouth. She enjoys seeing how I struggle with it...but I continue, I just cannot fail or I will have to face severe consequences this time!

After another few minutes, my Mistress stops sliding her fingers into and out of my mouth. She tells me that I am going to be tested. The gloves have not been used on a slave body yet, and so I am about to be tested with them. I am ordered to stand up and my Mistress chains my hands above my head and my feet are being spread apart...my Mistress has full access to my body! She starts to explore every inch of my body with her gloved hands. She loves to see my reaction as I start to moan softly, straining against the chains. She also notices my excitement, as my cock is getting harder and larger with every glove movement by my Mistress against my skin.

My Mistress will show how kind she is...as she gently starts to stroke my cock with one gloved hand while the other gloved hand is playing with my balls. It does not take long before I get super excited and my moaning gets louder and stronger. I do not dare ask my Mistress if I am allowed to cum, but she sees how close I am to exploding. Gently she strokes and teases a little bit more, building up an extreme tension. She says she wants me to shoot my load...and after this treatment, I cannot hold it anymore. Huge spurts of hot cum shoot in the air as my Mistress keeps on stroking gently. My orgasm keeps on raging through my body a little bit longer, as my Mistres milks my load of hot cum from my cock, making my Mistress very pleased...I have passed the test!

After that, my Mistress releases me from the chains. She tells me she is going to watch a movie. She will allow me to lie at her feet all evening long, leashed of course. She is a true, kind Mistress!

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The Shameful Slave

By Slave B (Inspired by Videos 54 and 55)


My Mistress has allowed me an audience. First, still locked in my cage, she stands in front of my cage, where she teases me. Even better...she was pleasuring herself with a huge pink vibrator. That made me very excited and hard for her...so she let me out to be her sex slave. I was allowed to lick her pussy and hump her boot with my ultra hard cock...but my Mistress was making me so hot and horny that I exploded all over her boot...way to early and without her permission! Big, oh so big mistake! My Mistress does not like disobedient slaves, especially sex slaves that cannot control themselves. The thing she hates the most is when a slave explodes without her permission!

My Mistress was so furious about how I could do that...she ordered me to slap my own super sensitive cock to ruin the pleasure of my orgasm. Even worse, I had to lick all my own filth. There is really nothing more humiliating then licking my own disgusting slimy slave filth!

After that, I had to return to my cage, being the shameful slave and still tasting my own disobedience in my mouth. I was not even allowed some water to wash the disgusting taste away. Lying naked in my cage, I was thinking about where it went wrong. How could I fail my Mistress? I thought I had trained my endurance well enough, but probably I am not worthy yet to satisfy her needs the way she wants!

But suddenly, my Mistress was already back at my cage, still raging with fury. She was even still wearing her beautiful C&K Fetish Atelier outfit as she kicked my cage! She told me that she had decided to do something about my endurance right away...to not wait any longer! She was very disappointed with my behaviour...and therefore immediate action was required! My Mistress ordered me out of the cage, placing a mouth gag and blindfold on me. Then she restrained me on some sort of bench. I felt it was a strange position but I also felt my Mistress had very easy access to my cock and balls. Not able to move anymore, I could only prepare for the worst my Mistress could think up.

The first test of my intensive endurance training was to deal with some pain and pressure. Without remorse, my Mistress attached several clothes pins on my cock and balls, creating some shooting pain in them. After that, my cock and balls were tied, making the pressure even more intense. Now my Mistress told me she would leave me like that for a while as she needed to refresh and change her outfit...Hmmm!

With the pain and pressure, I lost track of time. I do not how long my Mistress left me lying there. But after a few slaps on my cock with her crop, I knew my Mistress was back. She removed the clothes pins and blindfold. My Mistress had changed into a leather pencil skirt with sheer black blouse and black high heels. She worked her nails around my sensitive cock, making it super hard again. She started stroking it, but not gently. No, my Mistress was still furious with my disobedience! It was like she wanted to rip my cock off of my body! She was twisting my cock and balls, using her nails on it and stroking it fast and hard with perfection. And everytime when I was about to explode, my Mistress stopped and took a cube of ice to cool my cock down!

I could not go anywhere as I was tied to that bench. My Mistress went on and on, stroking me to the point of almost exploding, and stopping. Applying the ice to coll my cock again and again. She was completely destroying me. Then she left me alone again. I could feel the stroking grip of my Mistress on my cock even when she was not there. After a while, she returned and attached a little cock ring with a vibrator on my cock. My Mistress was tired of stroking my cock, but she certainly was not done with me! The endurance training continued the same way...everytime bringing my cock to the brink of exploding, then my Mistress stopped...and ice cooled my burning cock down again.

I started to beg and beg...but my Mistress is cruel and she continued once more without remorse. My Mistress knew she was reaching her goal of training me as I was begging more and more. My lesson was to learn to always pleasure my Mistress first. Only then would she maybe let me explode. I had to repeat to my Mistress that her pleasure was first. I said it three times, but on the third time she did not stop the vibrator and I exploded like never before, cum flying out of my cock. After this, my Mistress was somehow pleased to see that I was still able to produce such a load of slave filth for the second time...but she still reminded me of my disobedience. My Mistress left me lying on the bench for the whole night...but as she left I thought I heard her say softly to herself that I had potential.

The next morning, I was freed by my Mistress. She allowed me to have a shower...a cold one of course! Then she locked me back up in the cage without words. She replaced the ball gag so I could not speak. Well...when my Mistress will take that off is a question only she knows the answer to...

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The Ultimate Test

By Slave B


For four weeks I have been locked up in my dark cage, not allowed to touch myself or to explode. I am weak and desperate to see my Mistress again, but I can only wait until she decides to come and see me. Suddenly I hear footsteps...footsteps from high heels, that is certain. Could it be? I sense some anticipated excitement that I may soon see my Mistress again. The footsteps stop in front of my cage. A strict voice orders me to wake up...It is my Mistress, but due to the darkness I can only see a silhouette!

My Mistress opens the cage and orders me to get out. A leash is quickly attached to my neck...now I am under her complete control. I have to follow her on my hands and knees. As my eyes get used to the light, I can see she has taken me to her private room. She directs me to kneel in front of her I do so until she orders me to look at her face to hear her orders. My Mistress is so beautiful and she wears her thigh high boots with a short leather skirt, a white satin blouse and leather gloves. She orders me to kiss her boots while listening to her. I press my lips against the soft, black leather.

She tells me that today it is time for my ultimate test, to show my absolute devotion to her. She orders me to cum twice in ten minutes...and if I fail severe punishment will await me...so I better start stroking myself. To cum two times should not be so hard, I think by myself...especially after holding back for four weeks! While I stroke my cock, my Mistress stands behind me. I feel her leather boots against my back and she is caressing my chest with her gloved hands. Sometimes she even twists my nipples, giving me an electrifying pain through my whole body. It does not take long before I explode for the first time!

But suddenly, my Mistress grabs me, cuffs me and gags me! She does this while I am still cumming. This action ruined my orgasm completely. But that is not all, because she lays me down in my own filth. My cum sticks against my ass and back...and I have no time to recover as with a very evil smile on her face, she grabs my over sensitive cock and starts to stroke it hard and fast. I want to scream of agony but am not able, as my Mistress works her hands around the head of my cock telling me she will force a second orgasm from it!

My Mistress ties my balls as tight as possible. The pressure on my balls and still sensitive cock is painfully intense. But the gag is doing its job, as I cannot scream. My over sensitive cock is getting so hard now that I think it will explode from the extreme blood pressure. But my Mistress is not stopping at all, knowing that the ball bondage will squeeze every drop of male filth out of it!

My Mistress keeps working her gloved hands over my genitals, making me weaker and more sensitive with every stroke. The agony is so extreme, but it pleases my Mistress to see me so helpless. The pain is now causing a feeling of extreme sensations in my cock and balls as I start to boil and the Mistress knows she is reaching her goal with me. Within a few more intense strokes, I explode for the second time, shooting my own filth all over myself. There seems to be no end to this climax...but was it within ten minutes? I do not know as I lost track of time!

My Mistress takes me back to my cage. I am still covered in my own filth. She puts me back in my cage, still cuffed and gagged, where I will have to remain for another day. Then tomorrow, I will have to clean myself with an ice cold shower and show myself in front of her again! That is when I will hear her verdict...will it be punishment...or did I pass the ultimate test? And what is the reward if I did pass?

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The Furious Mistress

By Slave B


I know my Mistress can be furious in anger, as I have experienced that myself. Never fail her or you will feel that anger to the letter. But she also can be very rewarding when you serve her well. I did just that a few days ago. After a hot tease and denial session, my Mistress allowed me to have a huge orgasm. She also gave me a new blanket and pillow to sleep on in my cage. Enjoying all that comfort in my cage, I should have known it was only a matter of time before things would change!

Loud shouts woke me up. As I was becoming more alert and aware of my surroundings, I heard my Mistress shouting in furious anger. She was probably on the phone because sometimes it was also very quiet. Then there were some last loud sounds and suddenly I heard my Mistress walking quickly in the hallway. By the sound of her heels, I could hear that she was coming my direction.

Before I knew it, I was out of the cage, leashed and dragged to the torture room. In just moments my hands were cuffed to the ceiling, my legs spread and cuffed to the floor. I watched my Mistress take whips, crops and a gag out of the drawer. In her raging furiousity, my Mistress gags me. Then she started to shout at me. That is when I found out the cause of her anger. The worthless leathershop was not able to deliver her new leather clothing on time and somebody is going to pay for that!

Looking at my Mistress I cannot understand why she was so furious. She was wearing tight leather in the form of leggings, a hot waist corset, complimented with some beautiful heels and a shiny white satin blouse. Why was she worried when she already has so many beautiful outfits? But while I was thinking that, the first slaps and whips hit my body hard!

My whole body was being whipped and slapped without remorse, I wanted to scream in agony, but the only thing I could do was drool because of the gag. Somehow this treatment was also turning me on and I got a huge erection. My Mistress noticed it and she got even more furious, wondering how I dared to get hard in this situation. Some more pain was required to cool me down...The solution! Some nipple clamps and clamps on my cock and balls. More pain shoots through my body and I start to drool even more.

My Mistress continued to slap and whip my whole body and I lost track of the time. Suddenly, as suddenly as the punishment started, it stopped. I opened my eyes and I looked exhausted towards my Mistress. She was not furious anymore and the look in her eyes told me that she now understood what kind of suffering I had to undergo for her. After all, I was not the one to blame in the first place, it is that damn leathershop!

She removed the gag and wiped the drool off of my chin. She looked at my glowing and red body. My Mistress put on her leather gloves and she removed the clamps, creating a stabbing sharp pain again through my body...But then my Mistress started to caress me, very gently...Somehow this was cooling down my glowing body. Then she turned her attention toward my cock and balls...working her leather gloves in that area was getting me over excited. Now my Mistress moved close to me and hugged me. Softly she kissed me and started to stroke my cock faster and faster.

Then my Mistress whispered in my ear that I could cum whenever I wanted. These words were like magic to me and just seconds after hearing those words I exploded...a huge orgasm overtakes my body and I was shaking of pleasure as my Mistress kept on hugging me. I had never felt so special and comfortable.

My Mistress was very proud of what I did for her today. She will reward me some more for that! She released me from my bonds and had a very special surprise for me...Tonight I am allowed to sleep in the royal cage in her bedroom, so I can spend the night with my most beautiful Mistress!

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A Fetish Fantasy

By a Great Dane


Hello dear Alya. You wore the most beautiful woman in the World to my eyes. You are truly an incredibly beautiful and wonderful woman. And when I look at your pictures I fall a little in love with you. You are so sweet and wonderful!

I've been a member of your website for almost a year now and I love to watch you. I love seeing the pictures of you in white boots and white clothes when you are down at the water. My wish and dream is to see more of you in white boots and a white wedding dress. It is because I have often sat and dreamed about you, that I could marry a woman like you - for you are my dream woman - in my dreams day and night dear Alya!

I would so love to see you in a white Wedding dress! It would be a dream to see you in white, like my bride. And I would dream of the passion and hot nights to follow such a Wedding, thinking about what you would wear. You are my fantasy girl, Alya!

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Nylon Fetish Goddess

By Cum Slut


I would love to see you wear sheer nylon, and become my Nylon Fetish Goddess. Pantyhose can be worn as some kind of top, and wearing a stocking as a mask is something quite unusual, unless your a bank robber. Wearing pantyhose and nylon all over your hot body is highly erotic to me.

Since I believe your favorite color is black, I would love to see you like this: a black bra and black latex or leather skirt (please make it the shortest skirt ever), black gloves, black golden spike pumps, and a beautiful black collar. I would love you to put on a stocking mask, but wear it only for the last quarter of the photo set as some kind of surprise and to make you look even more hot. And it would be simply awesome if you made some close ups of your face with that dildo during the end of the set.

I live to be your slave. That keeps me busy, particularly when you tell me how your pussy is responding to wearing pantyhose. I get hard thinking about it and I began to stroke my cock. I want you to commmand me to do such things. You can order this slut to tie his cock and balls with some stockings.

I tell you it excites me to be treated so generous and cruel at the same time by you. Do you want me to get addicted to you? Stockings make your beautiful legs look smoking hot! I suddenly got hard imagining your hot legs and ass wrapped in luxurious, glossy nylon.

I love when you make "money slave" videos, and I think it is really great with your "dirty talk"! I love the way you tease with your hot and sexy ass and beautiful long legs in your videos.

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