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1. Once you join, I will activate your membership when I am online (usually within 24 hours).

2. I will send your membership login details to the email supplied with your payment.  (PLEASE GIVE A REAL EMAIL ADDRESS OR YOU WILL NOT GET ACCESS TO THE SITE)!

3. If it takes longer than 24 hours to process your membership, the time is added to the end of your subscription.

4. Subscriptions are non-refundable during their term.


If you cannot join using CCBill, please EMAIL me for other methods to join, like using VISA.

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If you wish to discuss other join options, write me for details.

NOTE: Currently, members may stream ALL my photos and videos anytime they desire.  Furthermore, members may download a selection of up to 30 sets/videos per month. If you wish more than this, contact me on the member email address given to you with your subscription information.

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To unsubscribe, log into your payment provider account (usually CCBill), and stop your recurring subscription to my site.  It was my pleasure having you and I hope to see you again.

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