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Welcome to the NEW LOOK of the Russian Fetish Queen website!  Now fully responsive for mobile devices, and you are still able to see me on the big screen through your computer!

I offer up to 2 weekly updates on my website, usually a photo set and/or a video, but I do mix it up on occasion. 

Also, if you like to cum, my website is for YOU!  Join right now and enjoy, it is so easy! 




Hello and welcome to my website.  My name is Alya and I am the Russian Fetish Queen.  I began my modeling career in the mid 2000's when I started modeling for Fashion and Glamour catalogs.


For those of you who visited Russia in the 90's and 2000's you know a secret.  The vast country is like a Candy Land of sexy women.  You know that Russian women are well known for their unique Slavic beauty, high Fashion style and slender physique.  When there are so many beautiful women around, it is not easy to stand out.  A woman learns that to look outstanding in such an environment involves a great degree of discipline, education, and resources.  Looking gorgeous takes a lot of effort and requires one to be beautiful not only on the outside but also from the inside.  For me, that means a regime of systematic work outs and getting the right nutrition.  I also improved my mind by studying at University, taking language courses, and attending fashion shows.  At one of those shows I was approached by a modeling agency and the rest, as they say, is history.


The more I learned about Fashion Industry, modeling, and photography the more I got involved in each and every aspect of image creation.  Modeling has become a passion of mine.  I loved all the glamour related to modeling including travel to exotic places, beautiful settings, and wearing stylish clothing.  My favourite clothes include high heels, FF stockings, tight bodied dresses, and especially shiny black fabrics like leather, PVC and latex.  And YES, I loved the attention I received from both men and women!  Everywhere I went, I was followed by admiring eyes and caused a few car accidents...Men, keep your eyes on the road!


Shortly after graduating I decided to make a website to share my passion with the World in highly classy, erotic, artful and fetish oriented images.  I moved to Canada to find artistic freedom.  The more I modeled, the more I realized there was a high demand for certain types of outfits by my fans and website members.  Then requests followed for me to produce fetish videos wearing leather, PVC, thigh high boots, FF stockings or sheer and glossy nylons.


Within a year of launching my website, my members started addressing me as Mistress.  More requests followed to make Dominatrix photos and point-of-view role play videos to make my members insatiable Fetish fantasies a Reality!


Even though I remain a Glamour Model, I enjoy being in the role of a Mistress, desirable Goddess, and powerful Dominatrix.  It gives me great pleasure to read my fans' most intimate fantasies.  They readily share with me their colourful erotic dreams involving me and also, I enjoy reading my fans' beautiful poems and stories dedicated to me.  What can I say?  I have the most loyal, dedicated and talented fans!


I love recreating the role play scenarios of my fans in videos.  I love wearing all sorts of kinky outfits and creating scenes emulating private session with my members.  I especially love producing private videos.  This way a fan can live out his specific fetish fantasy and be involved in selecting my entire outfit and write a complete scenario for the private video session.  It is a erotic experience and extremely close to having a real session with your Russian Fetish Queen.


I love having close correspondence with my members.  This way I better understand their particular wants, needs, desires and kinks.  I have become very close and intimate to some of my long-term members and know that our relationship has significantly improved, increased, and enriched their personal and intimate life.  I am very proud to be not only your Fetish Fantasy but also your confidant.  Thank you for your trust!


Now, once you've learned about me, let me learn about you.  What is your fetish fantasy?


Yours truly,


Russian Fetish Queen Alya


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