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Russian Fetish Queen Website


For my website, I make sexy photos and videos catering to the fetish fantasies of my members. They send me their suggestions for outfits and concepts and I work out a scenario for the shoot. For example, I have completed video shoots with the following themes:

  • Strict dominatrix
  • Slave trainer
  • Domina taking her doggie slave for a walk
  • Tease and denial instructor
  • Black leather tough biker chick
  • Jerking instructor
  • Domineering Boss
  • Sexy secretary
  • Nylon Goddess
  • Cat woman
  • French Maid
  • Provocative Prostitute
  • 1920's Flapper
  • Slinky Stewardess
  • Hot Russian Tennis Star
  • Fast Racer Girl
  • Money humiliator
  • Teacher
  • KGB Agent
  • Business woman
  • Seductive date
  • School girl
  • Girlfriend


In my videos, I can give jerk-off instructions where I let my viewer cum or deny him his pleasure. I frequently play with toys like whips, riding crops, hand cuffs, canes, chains, leashes, latex cocks, dildos and vibrators, among others.


My photo sets and videos contain erotic content without being explicitly graphic. On occasion, I will strip down to be artistically nude.


If you have any questions or comments, or want to share your fetish fantasies, especially if they are about me, I want to read them. Send them to my questions email on my contact page.


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About me, the Russian Fetish Queen


Hello and welcome to my website.  My name is Alya and I am the Russian Fetish Queen.  I began my modeling career in the mid 2000's when I started modeling for Fashion and Glamour catalogs.


For those of you who visited Russia in the 90's and 2000's you know a secret.  The vast country is like a Candy Land of sexy women.  You know that Russian women are well known for their unique Slavic beauty, high Fashion style and slender physique.  When there are so many beautiful women around, it is not easy to stand out.  A woman learns that to look outstanding in such an environment involves a great degree of discipline, education, and resources.  Looking gorgeous takes a lot of effort and requires on to be beautiful not only on the outside but also from the inside.  For me, that means a regime of systematic work outs and getting the right nutrition.  I also improved my mind by studying at University, taking language courses, and attending fashion shows.  At one of those shows I was approached by a modeling agency and the rest, as they say, is history.


The more I learned about Fashion Industry, modeling, and photography the more I got involved in each and every aspect of image creation.  Modeling has become a passion of mine.  I loved all the glamour related to modeling including travel to exotic places, beautiful settings, and wearing stylish clothing.  My favourite clothes include high heels, FF stockings, tight bodied dresses, and especially shiny black fabrics like leather, PVC and latex.  And YES, I loved the attention I received from both men and women!  Everywhere I went, I was followed by admiring eyes and caused a few car accidents...Men, keep your eyes on the road!


Shortly after graduating I decided to make a website to share my passion with the World in highly classy, erotic, artful and fetish oriented images.  I moved to Canada to find artistic freedom.  The more I modeled, the more I realized there was a high demand for certain types of outfits by my fans and website members.  Then requests followed for me to produce fetish videos wearing leather, PVC, thigh high boots, FF stockings or sheer and glossy nylons.


Within a year of launching my website, my members started addressing me as Mistress.  More requests followed to make Dominatrix photos and point-of-view role play videos to make my members insatiable Fetish fantasies a Reality!


Even though I remain a Glamour Model, I enjoy being in the role of a Mistress, desirable Goddess, and powerful Dominatrix.  It gives me great pleasure to read my fans' most intimate fantasies.  They readily share with me their colourful erotic dreams involving me and also, I enjoy reading my fans' beautiful poems and stories dedicated to me.  What can I say?  I have the most loyal, dedicated and talented fans!


I love recreating the role play scenarios of my fans in videos.  I love wearing all sorts of kinky outfits and creating scenes emulating private session with my members.  I especially love producing private videos.  This way a fan can live out his specific fetish fantasy and be involved in selecting my entire outfit and write a complete scenario for the private video session.  It is a erotic experience and extremely close to having a real session with your Russian Fetish Queen.


I love having close correspondence with my members.  This way I better understand their particular wants, needs, desires and kinks.  I have become very close and intimate to some of my long-term members and know that our relationship has significantly improved, increased, and enriched their personal and intimate life.  I am very proud to be not only your Fetish Fantasy but also your confidant.  Thank you for your trust!


Now, once you've learned about me, let me learn about you.  What is your fetish fantasy?


Yours truly,


Russian Fetish Queen Alya

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Russian Fetish Queen Interview


So many people want to learn about me. I am so flattered. I have made this interview where I answer many of the questions people have sent me. Read on to learn all about your Russian Fetish Queen. And if you have a question for me, send it to me (see contact page for the email addresses).

Personal questions for the Russian Fetish Queen


Fashion questions for the Russian Fetish Queen


Fetish questions for the Russian Fetish Queen


Modelling questions for the Russian Fetish Queen


Favorite questions for the Russian Fetish Queen


Personal Questions for the Russian Fetish Queen

What is your birth date and star sign?

I was born on March 24th.  That makes me an Aries!  It is the sign of fire with the planet of Mars.  This makes me strong, forceful and dominant.   Aries women are very interesting as we are adventurous, independent and competitive.  As such, we flex our power over men!

What colour are your eyes?

My eyes are a sparkling hazel.  They have been compared to champagne or whiskey colour.  About the champagne colour, I am not sure.  Maybe that person was under the influence of champagne himself :)  I know my eyes are intoxicating, and very powerful :)

What is your natural hair colour?

My natural hair colour is strawberry blonde.  But hey, what is the difference as I love being light blonde.  You know what they say - blondes have more fun!  I know that to be very true.  I have been every hair colour under the sun in the past - even pink:)

Do you have any piercings?

With the exception of my earlobes, no.  I will never pierce my perfect body :)

Do you have any tattoos?

No, and I never will!  My skin is a natural perfect artistic canvas for fetish wear!

Any enhancements done to your body, your face or your hair?

None whatsoever!  And I am very proud of it.  I work hard to sculpt what God has given me.

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Fashion Questions for the Russian Fetish Queen

What is your favourite type of clothing?

The tighter the better, so it would be a catsuit that would be my absolute favourite, especially with a tight cincher. That would create an hour glass shape, making me feel like an Amazon woman. And the second choice would be tight miniskirts with thigh high boots. I like this as it gives everyone flashes of my thighs between the skirt and boot! I love body-stockings too. And also leather leggings as they hug my long legs and show off the shape of my legs and beautiful tight butt :) !

What is your favourite clothing materials?

My top three favourite are Latex, Leather and Satin.

What made you want to wear latex or leather?

Firstly, I fell in love with the way this material makes me look and feel. I love how it feels against my body, I love the way I look in it, and how the sunlight plays off all my curves. I love the reaction I receive from men and women when they see me wearing it. And personally, I think that a woman dressed in a tight latex catsuit looks better than being nude. It gives a sense of mystery, and yet leaves a lot of room for your imagination to run wild. :)

What is your favourite type of lingerie?

Push up bra and a thong in silk! :)

What is the highest heel you’ve ever worn?

At least 7 inches, maybe 8! And boy, do I get some looks from the men when I wear them. Also, I feel that the clouds can caress through my hair. One of those side effects wearing such a high heel is that more of my leg is visible, and I do catch admirers taking every opportunity to look up my skirt :)

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Fetish Questions for the Russian Fetish Queen

What is fetish?

I love this question :) The word fetish originally meant "charm", and it originates from the 15th century Portuguese word feitico , which means false power, object or charm. For example, when the Portuguese explored West Africa and encountered native religions, they called whatever talisman (totems, carvings, beads) they revered a fetish. To the Portuguese in those days, the fetishists were those who worshiped the unusual.

People can turn anything into a fetish. There are different degrees of fetishism that go from mild to extreme. For example askmen.com has rated top 10 fetishes as follows:

Number 10 Stomachs

Number 9 Body piercing

Number 8 Leather, rubber, vinyl, latex

Number 7 Domination and submission

Number 6 Feet and hands

Number 5 Fingernails and lipstick

Number 4 Braids, ponytails, pigtails

Number 3 Water

Number 2 Golden showers

Number 1 Voyeurism and exhibitionism

So you're not alone ;)

Read more at:


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Modelling Questions for the Russian Fetish Queen

When did you start this career?

I have often been approached to model by agencies, companies and others. It was any type of modelling, not just fetish modelling. I had different goals during those times as I wanted to complete my University degree first. In Russia, it is a serious 5 year process to get that degree. Therefore, I had to focus on it and was not even thinking about modelling.

I started to model about 7 years ago, and eventually fell in love with the way fetish wear looks on me. I noticed that this style of clothing dictates the behavior of the model. This made me feel very sexy and desirable as I caught so many eyes watching me - not just the photographer. :) I love the power it gives me :)

In April 2011, I decided to move my fetish modelling to the internet. It has been quite a ride so far, but I love the challenge.

How long do you intend to be a fetish model?

Is there any model who can surely answer this question? As your Russian Fetish Queen, I intend to model for you on my website for a very long time. I enjoy the responses I get from my photo shoots and videos, and my members inspire me with their suggestions. Many help me out with pose ideas, and some even help me purchase the outfits, which can be quite expensive. I love sharing the same fetishes as my members, as that is how I lead my life. They also seem to love sharing with me, knowing that they have a receptive Queen listening to them. These inspirations drive me on to produce more photo sets and videos catering to OUR fetishes. If you look through my photo sets, you can see my evolution as a fetish model. Let me assure you that the best is yet to come! I am really enjoying being YOUR fetish model!

Do you pick out the things you wear?

Most of the time it is me who decides what I will wear; however, I have days when I open my closet, stand in front of it for an hour and then desperately seek help from my team. You know, it is easy to decide what to wear when one has just a few items in their wardrobe...

However, it always helps to pick out an outfit when I am trying to recreate a special request of a member. They inspire me.

Is this the life you dreamed of as a young girl?

Well, when I was a little girl I dreamed to become (surprise, surprise) a Princess who would be rescued by a Prince. Now look at me, I am a Queen who has a lot of Princes who wish and desire to be captured and enslaved by me! And my noble knights serve their Queen with any of her wishes.

I feel pretty lucky every morning I wake up and every night I go to sleep. Is this the life I dreamed as a little girl? I think it is better! I am my own boss, as a Queen should be.

What was your first photo session like?

As anything you do for the first time in your life, it felt and looked awkward. Practice makes perfect! As you know, I am a perfectionist and wish every little detail was taken care of. To tell you the truth, I do not like some of my first photo sets and videos, as in my opinion I did not pose or looked or moved the way I`d pictured it was supposed to be. But my team insisted on including those photo sets and videos as a part of a history showing my progress, or my modeling evolution. You be the judge!

However, I absolutely love my latest sets as I feel very confident on the set or outdoors during the shoot. I am so lucky to have fantastic fans who constantly provide me with great suggestions and ideas for the outfits, locations and poses. Some of my fans even share their intimate dreams about me and describe them in great detail. I find this very rewarding to me, because I know that I am inside their fetish minds. Where else should a Fetish Queen be?

Lately, I have produced videos based on the intimate dreams of my members :) Most of the dreams involve role playing which is my favorite part of a video. I love to be the dominant woman to my submissive slaves. I love to play the specific roles that they desire, including dressing in the outfit or costume that they dream about. Sometimes a fan gives me a little scenario in great detail that he wants me to play. I take it seriously, taking my time to assemble the props, the outfit, and to practice before actually recreating his dream. I love living the part they pick for me, making it a favorite of mine to shoot, knowing it will arouse them. I can even direct their pleasure in the video. I am sure my fans can recognize their dreams about me when they see the video. :)

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you?

During my first photo shoots, while I was being photographed, somebody stole my beautiful thigh high boots. I actually had to borrow a pair from my makeup artist to get home. It was not that comfortable walking.

I found out who stole the boots later during the next photo shoot. I discovered who it was, and he would not return them to me unless I agreed to go on a date with him. I agreed, but I never went. :)

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Favourite Questions for the Russian Fetish Queen

What is your favourite colour?

My favourite color is black, as if you could not tell :) There is something special about black, especially when it is shiny. Every woman knows that black is slimming, and form enhancing. Black is sexy, erotic, dramatic, and mysterious. As Coco Chanel said, every woman must have a little black dress in her wardrobe, not red, blue, white or whatever - Though I have all those colors too!

My second choice of color would be between red and pink. This is not an easy question to answer as I like a range, depending on the situation, inspiration and my personality at that time. That is why my next choice would be golden - that of a Queen - Your Russian Fetish Queen.

What is your favourite holiday destination?

I have quite a few favourite places in the world outside of my Queendom. If I had to pick just one, it would be Yalta, Ukraine in the Crimea. Every time I visit this place, my whole being is in awe! Not only do I enjoy the scenery, which is a perfect combination of the Black Sea and the mountains, but also I am revitalized when I breathe the air and experience the atmosphere. I love the swaying palms, the numerous palaces, and the promenade along the shoreline. There are many performing artists (buskers) on the streets. It is an event to go out in Yalta, as there is always something adventurous going on. Normally my outings stop only when the sun rises. :)

What are your favourite perfumes?

Totally depends on my mood. I love Poeme by Lancome, Perle d'Aubusson, Amarige de Givenchy. Hey fans, if you want to know the scent I want my males to wear as I find it absolutely irresistible, it is Joop! Homme. Aaahhh, I can almost smell it even now. My knees are getting weak...

What is your favourite makeup combination?

Of course it will be smokey eyes - so dramatic - pink glossy lips and translucent powder on my cheeks. I love using shimmering body milk to make my skin sparkle in the sun (or under the photo lighting). It also has a fantastic scent to it.

What are your favourite TV shows?

I love, love, love Classic Russian comedies (by Ryazanov, Leonid Gaidai etc...) I watch them all the time when I feel nostalgic... and I love British comedies: Fawlty Towers, Vicar of Dibley, Allo Allo, Keeping Up Appearances. I also like series about Mafia.

Who is your favourite actor?

Pierce Brosnan :)

Who is your favourite actress?

Sharon Stone

What are your favourite music genres?

Dance, techno, 80's and 90's.

What is your favourite song right now?

Oh, it changes almost weekly, but right now I am hooked on Stereo Love by Edward Maya & Mia Martina.

What are your favourite foods?

I love Russian food, like blini, borstch, pelmeni, and also Mexican and Italian. Not to mention Chocolate :)

What is your favourite drink?

I like red wine and occassionally ice wine.

What is your favourite word?


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